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The CILT Scottish Region Archives 2020

Welcome to the Scottish Region Archives for 2020. These contain old meeting and visit reports.

The year started with a presentation on "25 Years of the Friends of the Far North Line" and this was followed by a talkin on "Optimised Sustainable Combinations of Air and Sea Travel to Remote Island Communities". Next, James Ogilvie spoke on hi s experiences of climbing and mountaineering. Next, Stuart Sellar and Neil McDonald spoke on the Scottish Railway Preservation Society's Railtours.

the programme was suspended until further notice immediately after this meeting due to the restrictions introduced by the Governemnt to combat the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Moving online, a webinar took place on the problems faced by the bus and rail industries by the virus and restrictions imposed. Professor Alan McKinnon provided a copy of his on-line seminar paper for European Supply Chain Day 2020, entitled "Coronavirus Crisis: a brief review of the logistics challenges". A CILT Railfreight Webinar took place on 21 May 2020 on the "The Road from Recovery to Reform" and this was followed by one on 10 June 2020.

The Scottish Region held a Webinar on 22 June 2020 and this was followed by another on 14 July 2020 on Developing Scottish Railfreight. In August there was a Scottish Rural & Islands Transport Community - Open Cafe & Chat: BYOC Webinar followed by another one at the end of September. Next cam the Railway Study Forum presidential address by Jacqueline Starr of the Rail Delivery Group at the beginning of October.

The North Coast 500 by Public Trasnport was the sub"ject of the October Scottish Rural & Islands Transport Community - Open Cafe & Chat: BYOC Webinar and this was followed by a talk on Decarbonising long haul road freight: opportunities and challenges" with Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics, Kuehne Logistics University, Hamburg. At the beginning of November Mary Grant, Chief Executive, Porterbrook spoke on "Porterbrook: investing in rail's future".

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