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    The CILT Scottish Region Archives 2019

    Welcome to the Scottish Region Archives for 2019. These contain old meeting and visit reports.

    The 2019 year started with the Annual Scottish Political Event, this year the speaker being by Councillor John McLellan, Edinburgh City Council. This was folowed by Brian Weddell and Chris Miller outlining proposals for a cruise/ferry terminal at Prestonpans. Next came a visit to Brodie Engineering Ltd. at Kilmarnock and the last event of the session was a visit to the West of Scotland Signalling Centre.

    The new session got underway with a panel discussion led by Jenny Milne on "MaaS- the future" in Aberdeen. Next came a presentation on National Transport Policy and Investment by Paul Junik and Laurence Kenney of Transport Scotland in Glasgow. This was followed by a visit to HMS Unicorn in Dundee. next came a presentation on "Collaborative Mobility" by Marian Marsh in Edinburgh in October. "High Speed Logistics" was the subject of a presentation by by Karl Watts, FIRO, Chief Executive Officer, Rail Operations Group in Edinburgh on 15 October.

    Caledonian MacBrayne was the subject of the preseentation at the Glasgow meeting of 22 October 2019 and this was followed by a visit to Highland Spring at Blackford. Railways were the subject of the talk by Alastair Dalton, Transport Correspondent at Scotsman Publications at the Edinburgh meeting in November and the year was rounded off with a visit to the CJ Lang Distribution Centre at Longtown Road, Dundee on 3 December 2019.

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