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The year began with the Scottish Region's Annual Political Event addressed this year by Councillor Roy Pedersen who spoke on "Cost Effective Ferries - The Impact of Ship Design, Prices, Frequency and Passage Time". On 22 January, the Region was given a presentation on Edinburgh's Trams. This detailed the new tramway system now under construction. February saw the The 2008 Scottish Region Annual Sustainable Transport Event, addressed by David Spaven on the subject of "Peak Oil and Transport". This was followed by a presnetation on "ZetTrans - Shetland's Transport Partnership" by Ken Duerden, a former Secretary of the CIT. This talk highlighted the particular problems facing the Shetland Islands.

The 4th March saw two events taking place. The first, in Aberdeen was a talk on "Commerce & Transport" by Geoff Runcie, Chief Executive, Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce. The other meeting was in Glasgow and Sarka Oldham of Direct Rail Services Ltd. outlined the intermodal services provided by her company. The Young Professional's Logistics Event took place at the Airth Castle Hotel on 6 March 2008 and was very sucessful. Next was a visit to RAF Leuchars and a tour of the maintenance facilities accompanied by a visit to one of the fighter squadrons based at the airfield.

May saw a presentation by Hay Specialist Recruitment on Enhancing Care Opportunities in the Logistics field and was followed by the Young Professionals Transport Event at Easter Road Stadium, an event attended by HRH the Pricesss Royal. The final event of the first half of the year was a rerun of the sucessful Edinburgh trams event on 10 June 2008.

After the summer break, the first event was a visit to Brakes Distribution Centre in Bellshill and was followed by the Annual Dinner at the Airth Castle Hotel. Next came a talk by Rober Andrew on "Delivering Organic Passenger Growth". This was followed by a fascinating insight into the building of the Forth Railway Bridge. The next meeting was addressed by Paul Tetlaw in which he gave his impressions of Japan. Earlier that day, the Aberdeen Group visited the Aberdeen Marine Operations Centre. Cross Country Trains was the subject of the Dundee meeting addressed by Andy Cooper and the last meeting of the year was a talk by Ron McAulay, Director Scotland, Network Rail who spoke on the The Airdrie - Bathgate Rail Link Project.

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