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Central Scotland Group: Meeting of 31 October 2000.

Mr. Bill Allansond

Dr. Allanson at the Central Scotland Group Meeting of 31 October 2000 in Glasgow.

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The Central Scotland Group's October meeting was addressed by Mr. Bill Allanson, who gave an interesting presentation on the topic of "A Cycling Revolution in South-West Scotland."

Mr. Allanson began his presentation by outlining the fact that the Dumfries and Galloway area has a population of some 147,000 and has both the A74 and West Coast Main Line running through the area. In addition there is the A75 to Stranraer, which is now the second busiest ferry port in the UK after Dover.

Cycling, whilst still seen by many as a "niche" form of transport is increasing in popularity and with the growing awareness of the effect of vehicle emissions will become more important in the future. Mr. Allanson showed how the various conflicting interests of road users were being reconciled to enable cyclists to have safer roads and more dedicated cycle routes. This includes the provision of dedicated cycling infrastructure as well as cycle priorities on existing roads.

Many of the iniatives of the last few years are now being linked together, and together with the National Cycle Routes, are forming a comprehensive network of cycleways. Mr. Allanson illustrated some of the iniatives taken by Dumfries and Galloway Council and showed that cycling is an important part of the transport system in the area.

The meeting ended with a lively and stimulating discussion session during which Mr. Allanson ably answered all of the questions put to him.

Report by John Fender.


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