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Visit to Dundee Airport on 24 September 2002

A party of members visited Dundee airport on 23 September 2002 and were given a guided tour of the facilities. Dundee Airport has developed over the years from a basic airstrip to a facility that can handle international flights. It has scheduled services to London and other destinations and caters for a large amount of business traffic.

Dundee Airport Terminal building.d

Dundee Airport Terminal

© John G. Fender 2010

The tour of the facilities started in the reception area where the background to the development of the airport was explained. The members were shown the check-in area including the x-ray machines and baggage handling equipment. Once checked in, passengers wait in a well appointed departure lounge before walking out to their aircraft.

The party were then shown the airport fire station, where two fire engines were inspected. Dundee has two Dennis Javelin fire engines, but one was away for maintenance at the time of the visit, its place being taken by a Bedford TM based unit. the party was shown the various maintenance vehicles needed to keep the airport operational, including fuel tankers, gritters and a hovercraft. The hovercraft is required as the airport is located at the side of a river with mud flats nearby.

The evening Scottish Airways flight to London about to depart from Dundee Airport.d

The evening Scottish Airways flight to London about to depart from Dundee Airport.

© John G. Fender 2010

Next the party visited the control tower and were given a detailed explanation of how aircraft are controlled. Dundee does not have a radar system and different methods of control are required. After this, the party returned to the main terminal building for a discussion on air transport and the possible developments in Scottish aviation over the next few years.

The Scottish Region would like to thank the staff at Dundee Airport for their generous hospitality and tour of the airport.

Report by John Fender.


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