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Logistics impact of Scottish independence by Prof Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics, Kuehne Logistics University, Hamburg - Monday 17 October 2022

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Professor Alan McKinnon

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Logistics and trade issues did not feature prominently in Scottish independence debates back in 2014. Brexit has now shown how critical they are to changes in a country's sovereignty and how intractable they can be.

If a second independence referendum occurs as the SNP leadership intends in October 2023, those campaigning for independence will need to spell out much more clearly how it will impact on supply chains and freight flows.

In his presentation, Profesor McKinnon covered a wide range of issues and looked at such aspects as:

- Scotland's Trade with RoUK and EU;
- Measuring the Economic Inter-dependency between Scotland and RoUK;
- UK's Logistical Centre of Gravity in the English Midlands;
- Optimisation of Logistics Systems and Supply Chains at a UK Level;
- Integration of Scotland in UK-wide Distribution Systems;
- Most of Scotland's International Trade Moves through English Ports and Airports;
- Uniform Spatial Pricing (USP);
- Border Scenarios for an Independent Scotland after Re-entry to the EU;
- Management of a Hard Border between Scotland and England;
- Expansion of Direct Shipping Services to EU Countries;
- Other Logistical Issues

To download a copy of the presentation, click here (PDF format, 2.8Mb)


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