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Real Time Information by the JMW Group - Tuesday 3 October 2006

The meeting of 3rd October 2006 took the form of a presentation by JMW Group on their real time information systems and members were able to look at a number of the innovative products produced by this Scottish based company.

The company was founded in 1946 as an electrical engineering business and specialised in the installation and repair of mass x-ray systems and electronic fuel pumps. Diversification into the design and manufacture of electronic equipment resulted in the development of electronic information systems, and today the company provided a range of products using the latest technology.

In the field of real time passenger information the company provides a number of products. These include real time information displays for use at bus stops, bus stations and other points. The "InfoStop" has a robust design to minimize vandalism and can provide users with details on bus services including the time when the next bus is due. Enhancements, such as Braille or an audio system means that the information is available to all users.

The company also produces a range of Traffic Priority equipment that helps reduce traffic congestion. The Bus Priority products have won government awards and enable buses to be operated more reliably by enabling them to have priority at traffic lights. This can be based on a GPS system or by the use of tags on vehicles. Similar technology is used on the innovative "blue light" priority system, also available from the company that is used by emergency vehicles to give them priority at traffic light controlled junctions.

JMW also makes the "Auditta" range of fuel management systems. These are aimed at fleet operators and are operated using contactless keys or a number plate recognition system. The software provides operators with detailed information and can cope with fleets of up to 5,000 vehicles.

Full details of the company's products and services can be found on their website at

Members were given an guided tour of Merchant's House, and were priviledged to have the opportunity to see some of the Merchant Copmany of Edinburgh's treasures.

The Scottish Region would like to thank Mr. Vernon M Williamson and the staff of JMW Group for the presentation and hospitality for the evening.

Report by John Fender.


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