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"National Transport Policy and Investment - the next 20 years" by Paul Junik and Laurence Kenney, Transport Scotland: Joint CIHT/ICE/CILT Glasgow meeting of Thursday 19 September 2019

A well-attended meeting in Glasgow hosted by CIHT and jointly also with ICE heard Laurence Kenney and Paul Junik from Transport Scotland talk about the Strategic Transport Projects Review and also about the National Transport Strategy consultation launched this summer by cabinet secretary Michael Matheson.

This is the second strategic review - the first was published in 2008. The new review is considering future investment in all transport modes including the strategic road and rail networks as well as active travel, island connectivity, ferries and buses.

STPR2 will sit at the heart of a decision-taking structure in which it is embedded with the National and Regional Transport Strategies, City and Growth Deals and the National Planning Framework. The National Transport Strategy (NTS2) sets out the Scottish Government's vision for the next 20 years and was developed in collaboration with over 60 partner organisations around Scotland.

The global climate emergency and the role of transport in helping to deliver net-zero emissions by 2045 is a key priority, along with how transport can play its part in building a fairer society - including reducing child poverty.

The strategy redefines investment priorities, putting sustainable and public transport at the heart of decision-making, and has been developed with the help of groups in the third sector, passenger representatives, academic experts, business, transport operators and local government. More than 3,000 people joined Transport Scotland at over 80 engagement events or participated through surveys.

The strategy is underpinned by four priorities and associated outcomes.

- It promotes equality;
- takes climate action;
- helps our economy prosper; and
- improves our health and wellbeing.

Deadline for comments on NTS2 is 23 October.

Report by John Yellowlees.


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