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Scottish Region visit to DHL Mossend on Wednesday 22nd February 2006

Members being shown round the DHL Mossend facility during the visit.d

Members being shown round the DHL Mossend facility during the visit.

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The Scottish Region visited the DHL Mossend facility and were given a tour of the facility and a presentation by David Grahamslaw, Business Development Director, DHL Freight.

He began by outlining the various services DHL offers today including freight and contract logistics, warehousing, dedicated transport, multi-user transport and container logistics. DHL is one of the largest container logistics companies in the UK and provides a full range of services.

DHL acquired the UK logistics company Exel at the end of 2005. DHL is itself owned by Deutsche Post World Net who in 2003 consolidated all of its express and logistics activities into the DHL brand.

Jim Linden, Operations Manager and Jim Watt, Warehouse Manager provided an overview of the Mossend operation. The warehouse covers some 80,000 square feet and operates on a 24 hours basis. Mossend has a dual function and by day the site deals with collect and deliver traffic whilst at night it has a hub function. Every night, there are 13 trunk departures for destinations in England and a similar number of arrivals. There are also links to Perth, Aberdeen and Fife.

The party was then given a tour of the facility and had the detailed workings of the facility explained. All packages are barcoded and scanned at each point in their journeys and this enables accurate tracking to be undertaken. Packages range in size from small, easily handled packages through to pallet loads requiring fork lift trucks to move. There are 14 fork lift trucks on site along with a number of electric pallet trucks.

A DHL vehicle seen in Glasgow.d

A DHL vehicle seen in Glasgow.

© John G. Fender 2011

After looking round the warehouse, further details of the company's activities were provided by David Grahamslaw. Currently DHL is the worlds largest express and logistics network serving around 230 countries. The company offers a full range of services including parcels, mail, distribution, customs services, special transport and reverse logistics.

Richard Martin, Regional Sale Manager outlined the services offered by DHL Global Forwarding which operates from Scotland's major airports as well as offering sea transport. DHL also has representatives at major customers sites to tailor the service provided to the needs of the client. The company can offer clients a comprehensive product portfolio. Logistics is a growing market and with increasing globalization, the company is well placed for the future.

The Scottish Region would like to thank DHL for enabling the visit to take place and in particular David Grahamslaw, Business Development Director, DHL Freight, Jim Linden, Operations Manager, Jim Watt, Warehouse Manager and Richard Martin, Regional Sale Manager for their time in explaining the activities of the company. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded by clicking on this link (pdf format - 3.3Mb) and further information on all of DHL's activities can be found on their website at

Report by John Fender.


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