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The 2002 Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 21 May 2002

The 2002 Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 21 May 2002 in Central College of Commerce.

A large turnout of members heard the Chairman review the activities of the year and received reports from the various officers. In particular, mention was made of the successful Scottish Conference and Exhibition and the restructuring of the Institute. The Treasurer presented the Annual Accounts which show the Region to be in a reasonable financial position.

Members at the 2002 Annual General Meeting.d

Members at the 2002 Annual General Meeting.

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Stephen Lockley outlined the work of the Scottish Policy Group over the past year and additionally gave an summary of the restructuring process, now being implemented. There were 12 nominations for the Committee and given the number of new faculties to be set up and the work they will be required to undertake led to a resolution to appoint them to the Committee being passed unanimously.

The incoming Chairman, Mr. Simon Hindshaw, gave a short speech in which he thanked everyone for his appointment as Chairman. He said that it was interesting to note that whenever major changes occurred in the Institute, he seemed to be the Chairman. He was preciously Chairman when the integration between the CIT and Ilog occurred. He thought that there would be an interesting year ahead for the Region and the Committee and hoped that the members would support the various activities undertaken.

Presentation to Ali Abbasid

Gerry Condron presenting Ali Abbasi with a cheque
for his charity.

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The formal business was then concluded and the guest speaker for the evening, Mr. Ali Abbasi, of BBC Radio Scotland the addressed the members. Ali, along with Gillian Dickson, provides details of travel problems throughout Scotland on both "Good Morning Scotland" and "Newsdrive". He outlined the way BBC Scotland receives its travel information and regaled his audience with some anecdotes and humorous tales.

He mentioned that he had published a small book of jokes, the proceeds being in aid of a fund set up to refurbish the football pitch at Tobermory in Mull as a lasting memorial to Kenny MacIntyre, the BBC Scotland Political Correspondent, who collapsed and died in May 1999 and who was a close friend.

At the end Ali's talk, the Chairman presented him with a cheque for the fund on behalf of the Region. The AGM was followed by a cheese and wine buffet that was enjoyed by all present.

Report by John Fender.


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