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Robin Hall, BSc.

Robin Halld

Robin Hall

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After graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Geology, Robin started his career as a field engineer in the oil industry working across the world. However he later developed an interest in logistics and after completing a CILT Foundation Practitioner course in Oil and Gas logistics was promoted into a logistics role by SMS Oilfield to aid their international expansion. Robin managed the company's logistics, supply chain and trade compliance from the UK whilst providing support as the company set up bases in Abu Dhabi and Malaysia.

He continued his professional development by obtaining a Diploma in International Trade and other environmental and health and safety qualifications which have aided his career development.

In 2019 Robin moved to work for GAC on a major 3PL contract for a leading drilling company managing their exports to North America. In 2020 he joined LS Customs Management where he provides companies with customs compliance advice and assists companies to prepare for the changing customs environment.

Robin has a strong interest in promoting companies to trade internationally and develop sustainable supply chains. He is keen to help promote logistics as an exciting and rewarding career to young students and professionals.


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