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Euan Merrilees

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Euan Merrilees

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Having spent 15 years working across the country within the nightclub industry as a DJ, Euan went back into further education in 2013 studying a brand new supply chain management course at City of Glasgow College. This course gave hom a working knowledge of the dark arts of supply chain management which led to continuing his supply chain education at Glasgow Caledonian University.

He has held previous roles in strategic procurement at Aberdeen International Airport and consulting with a small online retailer,, developing new supply chain processes, which gave him a taste of the operational challenges faced by two very different organisations.

In 2019, he graduated MSc International Operations and Supply Chain Management with distinction, and is currently based in Erskine working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In this role, he plays a part in developing strategies that help to guide the future supply chain of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in a world dominated by smart solutions. He is also looking forward to playing a part in the future of CILT by being on the committee and working closely with his committee colleagues.


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