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Visit of 7 November 2001 to Glasgow Airport

The Scottish Branch visited Glasgow Airport on Wednesday 7 November 2001 for a presentation on "The Logistics of Turning an Aircraft Around in under an Hour".

The presentation began with an overview of Glasgow Airport and the current traffic levels, including the forecasts for growth over the next few years. Developments were also described, for example, the new 2,000 space car park currently being constructed and the reconstruction of the runway that took place in 2000.

Aircraft at Glasgow Airportd

An Aircraft ready for departure at Glasgow Airport.

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Aircraft need to be in the air to make money and time spent on the ground needs to be kept to a minimum. When an aircraft lands and reaches the terminal, many different tasks need to be undertaken very quickly. For example, baggage needs to be off loaded, catering supplies loaded, the interior cleaned and the aircraft refuelled.

Given the time constraints, each task is co-ordinated to minimize congestion around the aircraft. There are a large number of vehicles working in close proximity and the drivers must take care not to hit the aircraft, as this would mean that it would have to be taken out of service for safety checks. Glasgow Airport places great emphasis on safety, both for passengers and the various crews working on the ramp. All staff are given training and the various specialist service companies also participate in the training schemes.

After the presentation, the members were taken on a tour of the airport facilities in one of the Airport's buses and were able to see aircraft being readied for their next flight. As part of the tour, the bus drove the length of the main runway. During the tour, our hosts explained in detail the various aspects of airport operation that could be seen.

After the tour, the members enjoyed an excellent buffet and the Scottish Branch would like to record its thanks to Glasgow Airport for its hospitality.

Report by John Fender.


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