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Visit to Cadder Yard: Thursday 8 October 2015

The CILT party visiting Cadder Yard.d

The CILT party visiting Cadder Yard.

© George McKendrick, Babcock International Group, 2015 Courtesy Network Rail.

On arrival the group were welcomed and had some refreshments. We then made our way to the Mission Room, where an Induction for Cadder yard was received, given to us by George McKendrick, Site Manager for Cadder Depot and Yard.

We then gave the Group an overview of the Mission Room technology - this is where the route is filmed and then can be viewed from a 360 degree angle using large TV screens. This is used for briefing staff, raising awareness of hazards, filming of the route showing the addition of new infrastructure, delap surveys, training events etc.

We then moved downstairs into the mess room area where there is a large map of the whole EGIP footprint. The Group split into 3 at that point with two groups heading up to the OLE assembly tent by minibus - kindly driven by George and also Jimmy MacKay. Where the installation and assembly of the OLE masts / equipment could be viewed close up. George and Jim gave each group an understanding of the scale of the project works and logistics involved.

The remaining group were given an overview of the EGIP Programme by Andrew Banks, Systems Design Engineer (see attached photo). Once the first groups returned, the remaining participants headed out and Andrew provided the overview to the rest of the group.

Report by Leona Wilson and photograph by George McKendrick.


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