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Paul Finch, BEng (Hons)., MSc., MIHT, CMILT

Paul Finchd

Paul Finch

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From a fifteen year career, Paul's experience includes successful delivery of scheme appraisals, transport planning research projects, funding bids, and the development and appraisal of transport strategies across Scotland.

Since the introduction of formal Scottish transport appraisal guidance in 2001, Paul has applied it as a systematic project appraisal tool in many of the projects that he has managed, applying the core principles of the guidance to both large and small schemes which have including the replacement forth road crossing, numerous ferry and port improvements, rail service upgrades, Quality Bus Corridors, and multi-modal corridor studies.

Paul has recently completed a four-year framework project with ZetTrans/Shetland Islands Council related to scheme appraisal, policy development and implementation, travel planning, and traveller research.

He currently manages all transport planning aspects of the North East Framework commission (Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Nestrans). Paul manages AECOM's Aberdeen office, and has a senior role with the AECOM's Scottish Transport Planning discipline.


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