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Visit to Journeycall hosted by Lesley Stewart, Business Development Director: Tuesday 24 May 2016

Lesley Stewart (Left) with colleaguesd

Lesley Stewart (Left) with colleagues,

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Journeycall comprise along with Systex and Viaqqio the ESP Group, which has over 400 staff and is ranked 32nd in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100.

300 agents and 15 advisers are responsible for the issue annually of 40M smartcards, managing over 3M contacts and £50M in online transactions. Total revenue rose from £9M in 2012 to £67.7M in 2015.

Journeycall manage the customer experience, with technology at the heart of everything that they do, creating solutions and delivering new products and helping government deliver policy so as to make transport and related services work for everyone.

Founded in 2003, Journeycall opened their first contact centre in 2005 at an old engineering building in Laurencekirk with contracts from Stagecoach and then Transport for London, 60% of whose calls they now handle. The move to Arbroath in 2014 represented a £2M investment in a 21500 square foot purpose-built office configured for 350 seats.

A transport-centric customer contact business, Journeycall operate a multi-channel centre supporting leading transport clients with intelligent experienced multi-skilled agents occupying speculatively-built accommodation where they have had no difficulty recruiting staff and achieved high rates of retention, with almost all posts advertised internally. Last year at Arbroath there were 1.6M calls, 235k emails, 2.1M cards issued, 15k refunds and 64k items of whitemail handled. A new activity is fielding social media for several operators, providing feedback on customer perceptions of their performance.

Sister company Systex at Hull is Europe's largest independent smartcard personalisation bureau, issuing over 40M senior entitlement cards and smartcards with associated back-office functions. Viaqqio provides a mobility futures division, and current projects include Car Freedom being trialled in the West Midlands for older people giving up their cars, Picknmix offering 16 to 25-year-olds lifestyle choices without cars, Upstream for dementia sufferers and Automated Delay Repay for train operating companies, with payment in vouchers being replaced in October by cash paid via mobiles to claimants' bank accounts.

CILT Scotland thanks Lesley Stewart, Bruce Milne and colleagues for their warm welcome and hospitality.

Report and photograph of by John Yellowlees.


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